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Eliatamby Champions Scholarship

February 6, 2008

USC will offer new scholarship for in-state students

The University of South Carolina has a new incentive for in-state students.

Officials are announcing a new scholarship program for engineering and computing students.

It’s for incoming freshmen who already will receive the "life scholarship."

The new "engineering and computing expanded life scholarship" covers any costs left over after the life scholarship has been applied.

Deepal Eliatamby is a former student and is helping fund the scholarship.

House Speaker Bobby Harrell says students like Deepal are positive examples.

“Government can’t do it, it takes the private sector doing it and Deepal is just an example, and the folks working with you, are an example of the private sector stepping up, taking advantage of a positive atmosphere that we created in the General Assembly, and doing what’s necessary to grow this economy," said Harrell.

Speaker Harrell says to successfully build a knowledge-based economy in our state we need the best and brightest driving our workforce.